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Barley Bones Peanut Mutter Craft Dog Treats

Barley Bones Peanut Mutter Craft Dog Treats

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Barley Bones Peanut Mutter Craft Dog Treats

FLIP OVER THE BAG... and read the ingredients.

Each bag of Peanut Butter Barley Bones contains spent grain craft dog treats that are made from only the finest ingredients. It is sourced spent barley from local breweries, and combine it with organic rye and oat flours to create an excellent foundation. Barley Bones takes pride to create a healthy treat, so you can reward your four-legged friends with only the best hand crafted treats.

These PEANUT BUTTER treats use a salt free organic peanut butter that they grind in-house from only the best organic peanuts. The peanut butter is so tasty and human consumable, so they create the tastiest spent grain craft dog treat for your pup!

These treats can be gobbled up whole or easily broken into smaller pieces for dogs who have eyes bigger than their mouths.

Barley Bones NEVER uses: WHEAT | CORN | SOY

Proudly Made in the USA

Barley Bones are truly "Good Enough To Eat" and Human Taste-Tested.


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