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Lovoom Smart Kibble Tossing Wifi HD Pet Monitoring Camera

Lovoom Smart Kibble Tossing Wifi HD Pet Monitoring Camera

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Lovoom Smart Kibble Tossing Wifi HD Pet Monitoring Camera



Modern. Sleek. High Quality. The Best & Latest Pet Camera in the market today.


Let's you always stay connected with your bestfuriend no matter where you are in the world!

Watch, interact, talk and toss a kibble to you pet remotely!

You can  play with your pet by throwing kibbles to any direction , any distance remotely.  Your dog will chase a rolling kibble and slide on floor. Don’t miss to take a snap photo or a movie . Sharing the moment is fun time. Simply . If your phone is busy. A provided cute remote controller will make you feel easy.



  • Wireless HD Pet monitoring camera (HD camera)
  • Panning angle (Right 90~ Left 90 degree)
  • Kibble Tossing function
  • Adjustable throw distance (3-10ft)
  • 2 way audio communication
  • Video recording, snap shot
  • Auto play (3 modes) ,Timer play (3 modes)
  • Five Call melodies
  • Smart phone control & Remote controller control
  • Compact size and design / 5.5 x 5.7 x 6.3 inch, 3.5 pounds





Toss a Kibble:

Specially Designed sensor detects a kibble and lets you toss one kibble at a time.Your dog will jump and run. Enjoy the moment


Crystal Clear Lens:

Lovoom features Wireless HD camera. You can see your pet in a clear way from a distance. Also, You can record videos or take photos of your adorable pet from your phone and store them safely.


Panning Angle:

Lovoom lets you control the direction of your food launch. (Right 90~ Left 90 degree). 180 degree rotation to keeps your pet extremely active by never knowing where the next snack is coming from.



Lovoom lets you control the distance of your food launch, keeping your pet entertained for hours. Toss food from approximately 3 to 10 feet away (1 to 3 meters).


A Natural Motion:

Lovoom tosses food at a 60 degree angle. While that number might at first sound random, it's anything but that. It was specifically chosen to mimic how humans actually toss food, making it a more natural and enjoyable activity for your pet.


Remote Control:

Lovoom connects via Wi-Fi. Smartphones not your thing? Don't worry. Lovoom can also be operated via a infrared remote control, which you can purchase separately.



Add'l Info:


  • Find the Lovoom iOS/Android app. Fill Lovoom feeder cup with pet KIBBLES and TOSS to your pet. Also Lovoom lets you adjust the distance (approx. 3 to 10 feet) and direction to make your pet extremely active.
  • Use the REMOTE CONTROL in poor network environment or your phone is busy, a provided cute REMOTE CONTROLLER make you feel easy. (Please Note: Due to customs issues, batteries are not included in the package.)
  • 720p HD VIDEO: Keep an eye on your pets at all times with 720p HD Video with 90° angle view, digital 4x zoom. With PAN, It rotates 180°, +/-90° to find your pet on smartphone and TOSS a KIBBLE to your pets.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO: Say hello to your pets through the high quality audio and you to hear what’s going on with your pet via Lovoom app.
  • CERTIFICATION AND SUPPORT: All cameras have CE, FCC and KC certified. One year Guarantee Repair provided by manufacturer from the date of the retail purchase.



Shipping Info:

FREE SHIPPING! Please allow 3-7 Business Days Shipping arrival time within the U.S.



Return Info:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee if packaging has not been tampered, opened or damaged. Item comes with a 1 YEAR Guarantee Repair provided by Manufacturer from the date of the retail purchase. We guarantee it will work or the manufacturer will repair or replace the item.