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BioJOINT Joint & Cartilage Dog / Cat Pet Health Supplement

BioJOINT Joint & Cartilage Dog / Cat Pet Health Supplement

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BiologicVet BioJOINT Advanced Hip, Joint, Cartilage and Connective Tissue Support

Optimize your pet's health! 

Get Optimal results when combined with BiologicVet BioFATS

BioJOINT is a cohesive blend of ingredients, designed to help activate the chondrocytes (worker cells of the cartilage), and support their effective use of glucosamine in the rebuilding of collagen. Without this activation, glucosamine serves as an anti-inflammatory agent without effectively contributing to tissue regeneration.

Supplying 200 mg of MSM, 200 mg of glucosamine complex (sulfate, hydrochloride) and 80 mg of chondroitin per 5 g scoop (used for each 20 lb of animal’s body weight), GMO-Free BioJOINT contains a blend of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and herbs that facilitate a healthy inflammatory response and support healthy joint function.

Does not contain artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders.


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BioJOINT is specifically formulated to provide building blocks to support normal immune response, synovial fluid, cartilage, connective tissue, and joint mobility. The lignan-rich formula helps support normal endocrine and hormonal systems.
Does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or binders.


Recommended for: 

- Dogs and cats, of any age, with a predisposition to joint issues (e.g. elbow, hip, knee, etc.)

-  Dogs and cats showing signs of joint discomfort

- Mature and senior animals


How it helps:

- Supports healthy joint mobility and flexibility

- Maintains healthy inflammatory response

- Provides connective tissue support

- Provides antioxidants to help reduce the oxidative damage from free radicals



- Comprehensive formula that addresses cartilage and joint wear-and-tear as well as bone development
- Does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
- Made with organic seed meal, a lignan-rich prebiotic for optimal nutrient absorption and hormonal support for spayed and neutered pets
- Formulated with years of extensive development through nutrigenomics research
- Used and recommended by leading veterinarians
- Manufactured in a dietary supplements cGMP facility
NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) quality approved


Ingredient Summary:

- MSM: Supplies sulphur to support healthy cartilage and joints.
- Glucosamine and Chondroitin: Building blocks to aid formation of healthy cartilage and connective tissue. Some studies have found that they are best absorbed when taken together and that after 2.5 months of use, they significantly improve pain, weight-bearing capability, and overall joint health.
- Vitamin C and Grapeseed extract: Antioxidants that help to protect skin and connective tissue from free radical damage.
- Bromelain and Boswellia: Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme from pineapple stem and boswellia is also known as “Indian frankincense.” Both have anti-inflammatory properties. Boswellia extract has been shown in two clinical trials to have a positive effect for dogs with osteoarthritis and degenerative joint conditions; after six weeks it helped improve lameness, stiff gait and local pain.
- Manganese: Essential trace mineral involved in the
formation of connective tissue.
- Vitamin D: An essential vitamin for healthy growth and maintenance of bones


Feeding Directions:

Administer orally. Mix one half scoop (2.5 g) per 4.5 kg (10 lb) of body weight to a maximum of 6 scoops daily. Add to raw, moist or dry food. If desired, add water to make a gravy-like paste. For best results, divide between two meals.

Scoop included. 1 Scoop = 1 TBSP


    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) ........................................200 mg
    Glucosamine sulfate 2KCl (shrimp/crab exoskeleton) .....150 mg
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate) ...................... 95 mg
    Chondroitin sulfate (bovine cartilage) ................................80 mg
    Bromelain (Ananas comosus, stem) ................................144 GDU
    Glucosamine hydrochloride (Aspergillus niger) ................... 50 mg
    Boswellia serrata extract ...................................................... 50 mg
    Standardized to 65% boswellic acid
    Grape seed extract 40:1 (Vitis vinifera ) ................................10 mg
    Manganese (citrate) ............................................................ 0.5 mg
    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) ................................ (30 IU) 0.75 mcg
    INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Organic seed blend defatted meal
    (flax, sunflower, sesame), silicon dioxide
    CAUTIONS: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product. Federal law prohibits the off-label use of this product in ruminants.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Orally administer half scoop (2.5 g) per 10 lb of body weight to maximum of 6 scoops daily. Best when taken on a full stomach. 5 g scoop included (equals 1 Tbsp).

    WARNINGS: For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.


    Does not contain artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders

    Shelf Life: 36 months


         Good Manufacturing Practices


    BiologicVet manufactures their own products so that they have complete control over every ingredient that goes into BiologicVET products. Their USA manufacturing facility located in Lynden, Washington is certified by NASC in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Using the same care and diligence used to make products fit for human consumption, we test every raw material for purity and potency before allowing it in our products.

    This Primary Supplier has been personally interviewed by NASC* to ensure they understand membership requirements, as well as the quality standards they must uphold. They have also passed a rigorous independent audit of their facilities, earning them permission to display the Quality Seal, which demonstrates to consumers their commitment to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

    *Certified by: National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) as a Primary Supplier May 22, 2018 / NASC AUDIT 052218

    NN.F3A7   Veterinary Product (VHP) 

    Veterinary Health Product Notification Program 
    There continues to be an increasing demand for Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) in Canada, such as vitamins, minerals, traditional medicines for companion (pets) and food-producing animals. Health Canada’s Notification Program for VHPs builds on a previous program (i.e. the Interim Notification Pilot Program) and reflects the following guiding principles:

    • The mandate of Health Canada’s Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD) is to protect human and animal health and the safety of Canada’s food supply. In support of this objective, the VDD sets standards and promotes the safe use of veterinary drugs (including VHPs) administered to animals in Canada.
    • There is a need to ensure that VHPs are regulated in a flexible and risk appropriate way, in order to minimize the burden on industry and facilitate access to products that may provide additional tools for maintaining health and welfare for animals. For example, many low risk products are used as additional health management tools and may reduce the need to use conventional drugs, including antimicrobials.
    • Given the safeguards of the Program, including pre- and post-market oversight of VHPs imported and sold in Canada, Health Canada considers it unlikely that a product satisfying all applicable requirements could present a risk to the safety of animals or humans, including food safety. Health Canada takes a risk-based approach when a regulatory non-compliance is identified.

    Changes made to the Food and Drug Regulations in 2017 permit the importation and sale of Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) in Canada provided the following rules are met:

    • Manufacturers are required to follow the Part 3 – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in the Natural Health Products Regulations;
    • All active, homeopathic and traditional medicine substances used to make a VHP (in accordance with any applicable conditions) are as described on List C: Veterinary Health Products [Note: under this Program, this is called the List of Permitted Substances]
    • Product labels must:
      • Include the statement “Veterinary Health Product / Produit de santé animale”
      • Follow the labelling rules of the Food and Drug Regulations
      • Include any applicable mandatory label statements as described on List C
    • Companies are required to notify their VHPs to Health Canada:
      • At least 30 days before selling a VHP in Canada
      • At least 30 days before making a change to a VHP that is already notified in Canada
      • Before importing a VHP into Canada
    • Companies are required to report any serious adverse drug reactions to Health Canada

    The Program is in effect as of November 13, 2017


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