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Our Mission

Welcome to Cody's Collection and to the world of Pet Parenthood! It is such a privilege and honor to be able to call ourselves pet parents--but we know that its not always easy. Pet parenting takes a lot of time, energy, resources, and commitment. So our mantra here is to provide and offer only the finest, high-end designer products for you and your furchild(ren) that you and they can enjoy for many years to come! You will not find cheap, basic pet products in our shop.

The heart of Cody's Collection beats for your pets and those who don't have a family to call their own. We hope to see this company become a catalyst in helping orphans and pet rescues find their forever families. For every item sold, we will donate $1 to a chosen Animal Shelter - The Barking Lot and a Foster/Orphan Ministry - Teen Leadership Foundation. We are extremely passionate about finding a forever family and home for every orphan and animal!

A portion of sales will also go towards helping orphan children and pet rescues find a sense of "belonging". We are a big advocate of ensuring that every human and pet know that there is a place where they "belong".

It is our greatest honor to be able to connect and do business with you. We would love to meet you -- so please FOLLOW AND TAG us on our Facebook and Instagram page. We want to see your bestfuriend using and wearing our products! We cant wait to establish a long term connection with you! We are most excited to see you in your new luxurious pet gear!


For each purchase you make, $1 goes directly to helping orphans and pet rescues find their forever families. We are on a bigger mission together! Here are the chosen Volunteer-run Organizations that will benefit from your purchases:


The Barking Lot // www.thebarkinglot.net //

The Barking Lot is a Non-Profit, Volunteer-run, No-Kill, All-Breed Dog Rescue in San Diego, CA. This organization saves dogs from SoCal, Mexico, Thailand, Korea and China. They are dedicated to dog adoption and finding foster homes for dogs in need locally and worldwide.


Teen Leadership Foundation // www.teenleadershipfoundation.com // 

Teen Leadership Foundation is on a mission to eternally improve the lives of orphans and emancipating foster teens through leadership equipping programs. Starting with summer camps, Teen Leadership Foundation has since expanded to include life skills workshops, mentoring, monthly youth groups, and transitional housing to help prepare orphaned teens for meaningful, successful lives beyond foster care.

We deeply and sincerely thank you for your business and for the difference you are making in the lives of pets and orphans in need.


Our Warmest Paw Hugs,

Rona Grace & Cody


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