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About Cody

About Cody . . .

       Cody is the inspiration and motivation behind Cody's Collection. Also known as a maltese outdoor adventurer, a well-renowned backyard critter chaser, skunk fighter, bird stare contest champion, beach lover, and avid hiker.
       Cody was born in Laguna Beach, California on June 12 of 2010. A few months later, he then found and discovered his human -- Rona (a nurse and avid hiker). Together they became a dynamic duo, creating pet-memories across the country. 

       Today, Cody enjoys a quiet but adventurous life in San Diego, CA with his human. They both find purpose in contributing to the orphan and pet rescue community, in the hopes to help every orphan human and animal find their forever family. Follow Cody's adventures on Instagram (@codys.collection), Facebook (@codyscollectionpetshop) and Pinterest (@codyscollection1)